Buy a Brick


Bricks are available to firefighters and their families for the price of $300, which includes engraving and a replica mini brick. Bricks can be reserved at any time but engraving isn’t available until the firefighter is deceased.
Helpful Hints:
  • Each brick includes up to three lines and 13 characters per line.
  • Spaces, dashes and periods all count as characters.
  • Each brick must include the name of the person and the fire department.
  • No engine or ladder numbers, union numbers or personal verses may be included.

Examples of Brick Engraving:

In Memory of
First Name Last Name
Name FD

Rank First Name
Last Name
Name FD

First Name Last Name
Name FD
Years of Service (1970-1999) OR date of death (1/1/2010)

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